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    August 09, 2008


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    if there are any husbands out there thinking an affair while your wife has breast cancer is a good idea, clearly it isn't.

    Tony Ulrich

    I think you hit the nail on the head, Mitchell. As a husband of wife with breast cancer, I completely understand that everybody deals differently with situations like these. I myself harshly critiqued the author of an article, where he tried to give advice to husbands as to how they should behave when they get the news broken about their wife's breast cancer diagnosis. He suggested to be ‘supportive’. “Wow”, I thought, “really”??? What a surprise! I thought I should be completely oblivious and ignorant??..(yes, I'm being sarcastic.)

    But with all due respect and understanding for everyone's own approach in dealing with the situation: Cheating on your wife is just despicable - under any circumstances. Period. But if a man has the scrupulosity and energy to do that as his wife is battling with cancer, he shouldn’t have a too much of a problem with just telling his wife that he sees another woman. That doesn't make his wrongdoing any better, but at least leaves him with some dignity.



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    The guy is completely irresponsible and lacks basic human feelings.


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